In 2021, from the 22nd until the 26th of November, the second Intensive Programme of the  Erasmus + project, Experiential education. Interactive/Intensive course of European brand management (brandY) was hosted by Howest University of Applied Sciences, Bruges, Belgium.

The event reunited teachers from prestigious  European universities, such as  University of Economics, Katowice (Poland), Université Savoie Mont  Blanc (Franțce), Universitatea din Bucuresti (Romania), Universitaria San Pablo-CEU- Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera (Spain), Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen Howest (Belgium), Haute École Specialisée de Suisse Occidentale (Switzerland), Bauhaus-Universitaet Weimar (Germany).

Along the entire week, the participants, together with students from Poland and Belgium, participated in several activities and workshops with a view to providing the necessary resources and information for the design of a virtual platform as an instrument of teaching/learning the brand management within an international framework:

  • Drive brand growth with meaningful innovation’, KANTAR
  • Brainstorm about tokens and gamification (Sabine Emad & Marta Grybś-Kabocik)
  • Workshop Customer Journey (Stéphane Ganassali)
  • Workshop on  Fashion Design App (Lieven Theys & Frédéric Vlummens)
  • Empathy Map:(Diana Ioniţă) 
  • Workshop on  Loyalty (Sławomir Smyczek)

Moreover, the students present in the programme, together with other online students  (from the MA – The Culture and Languages of the European Students -Universitatea din Bucuresti, Romania-, from   Haute École Specialisée de Suisse Occidentale, Switzerland and from Universitaria San Pablo-CEU- Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera, Spain), worked intensely, reading and providing the feedback – type of information regarding the chapters of the BOOK (as the project outcome), – their remarks proved really useful regarding the final draft of the  book, before being edited and published.

The event has had a huge impact, because it was the first one, live, since the start of the project, so that the  communication and cooperation were fruitful, while all the activities (workshops, learning activities, the sightseeing tour, visit to museums and other important landmarks of Bruges) ensured the  normality we, all,  have been striving for. 

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