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The main objective is to design, implement and test an innovative tool for teaching through experience. This tool will serve to educate students in the field of Marketing. This will increase their employability. By combining interdisciplinary expertise and experience, project partners will develop materials for a modern and fully interactive training program in the field of international brand management during the project, including:

  1. an e-book containing innovative materials and teaching tools, as well as ready-made procedures for their implementation;
  2. textbooks, both for students and lecturers;
  3. an Internet platform in the form of an interactive game that will allow access to the developed materials.

The project’s beneficiaries are students, as the knowledge and skills acquired during the course will increase their employability. Lecturers, who will be able to implement ready-made solutions in their lessons related to Brand Management, also benefit. And organisations interested in hiring experts in International Brand Management can as well benefit from this.

The project provides for the organisation of 7 international meetings of representatives of the consortium for this Project in various European countries, as well as 4 intensive programs for students and teachers. The project is an opportunity to establish interdisciplinary cooperation with international experts in such fields as Marketing, International Brand Management, new technologies and gamification.

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Project partners


University of Economics in Katowice – host of the third Intensive Programme of the Erasmus+ project / Experiential education. Interactive/Intensive course of European brand management (brandY) / (2020-2023)

From the 9th until the 13th of May, 2022, University of Economics, in Katowice has hosted  in the third Intensive Programme of the  Erasmus + project, Experiential education. Interactive/ /Intensive course of European brand management (brandY).  The event reunited teachers Read more…

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