With a history of over 150 years and a constantly confirmed prestige, the University of Bucharest (UB) is a dynamic and inclusive academic institution, student-centered and characterized by creativity, innovation and pragmatism. Gathering 19 faculties, with 97 undergraduate programs, 215 master’s programs, 9 didactic master’s programs, 21 doctoral schools in specific fields and a school for interdisciplinary doctoral studies, over 50 centers and 9 research units, the University of Bucharest is well-known as an institution of excellence in education and research that has made it a priority preparing its students for life and profession. The UB expresses a continuing concern for interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary collaboration and comes with a wide educational offer that includes many areas of study. With over 34,000 students, 1,300 professors and 580 researchers, 1,200 employees as administrative staff, UB is jointly working in the CIVIS alliance and many other networks to increase its contribution towards social responsibility and civic engagement to better attract the academic community in finding solutions to global priorities of the society. Therefore, UB is a space for innovative and responsible teaching, research, cultural exchanges and citizen action within Europe.

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Magdalena IORDACHE-PLATIS, is full professor at the University of Bucharest with over 30 years of experience, teaching Marketing, Micro and Macroeconomics, vice-rector for Quality Management, Social Responsibility and Relationship with Social Partners. She is an external reviewer on quality assurance for higher education at foreign quality assurance agencies and reviewer at different international journals. She was a member of the Thematic Peer Group of EUA Teaching & Learning Initiative (2017): Empowering students for their future professional life and civic engagement and mini-track chair at several editions of the European Conference on Management, Leadership and Governance – ACPI (2016, 2017, 2019, 2021). She was the country manager in the Horizon 2020 project called Students Achieving Valuable Energy Savings (SAVES 2) during 2018-2021. Under the CIVIS project (ERASMUS+) she is the institutional coordinator of the Open Lab group aiming to cooperate with different stakeholders in the process of identifying and addressing local challenges. She is also the institutional representative in the University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN) and the institutional manager of the KA2 project: “Service-Learning: Intersectoral Collaboration Practices for the development of students´ soft skills and socially engaged universities”.

Diana Ionita is a Professor PhD at the University of Bucharest, the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, English Department.. I am Coordinator of Applied Modern Languages Department, I am the Director of the Foreign Languages Center of the University of Bucharest, a member in the ANLEA/AILEA board, Ambasador of Dukenet European Consortium.